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extended return by ladyyatexel
extended return
A companion image for G'Kar! 

I hadn't really intended to do this one and then idea of Londo having tiny influences from G'Kar's fashion in his clothes really appealed to me and here we are!  

I did a big write up about what I put on these and two and why on Tumblr.
extended stay by ladyyatexel
extended stay
I think a lot about G'Kar staying on Centauri Prime as Londo's bodyguard for a long ass time, whether Londo is Emperor (which involves a lot of changing bits of canon to avoid killing my soul, etc etc, shhhhh, tell no one) or Prime Minister at the time.   One of the things I really get into when I get excited about new fandom things, for whatever reason, is people's clothes.  I particularly get into alien ideas of fashion and how one culture would interpret each other's clothing or what a person from one culture would look like while stuck in another after a long time.

This is something like the latter.  Most of G'Kar's look is intact - because I'm positive he'd fight anything otherwise - but there's some fancy vest shit going on under that coat, some detailed fabrics, and some bits and baubles of jewelry that I imagine are status symbols that probably belonged to Londo and are thus suited to someone of a decent rank.  Things that would grant a Centauri great respect and deference, but since G'Kar is a Narn, they manage to earn him just being referred to by name and some basic (grudging) politeness.    Not that he even gives a fuck, but it is easier to conduct things when you're not being constantly glared at, called 'it' or just 'The Narn', or being spoken about as though you're not in the room. 

I want to do one of these that takes this even further, so that it's even more obvious that he's had some long Centauri influence, but this is perhaps the first stage of it, haha.  I imagine something like them needing to go to some noble's birthday party or other fancy nonsense where even Londo's usual needs to be amped up, so G'Kar has to be wrestled into something that looks like he's trying (even though he's really, really not) for the good of the mission or whatever.  But that's in the future, haha.  

This is an awful lot of words about this single drawing, wow. 

Anyway, pencil lines done in my sketchbook, and then digital fuckery applied after that~

And here it is on Tumblr~
happiest place on mars by ladyyatexel
happiest place on mars

An illustration from something that is not mine!  This happens rarely, but this had too much stuff in it that I love to ignore. 

This is a bit from Wish You Were Here, which, despite appearances in this image, is a post-canon story.  Thanks to G’Kar’s extended time with Lyta and the fragments of the link he made with Londo ages ago, he’s makes this jointly dreamed space for Londo to get away from his daily fate out of the memory of a trip he took with Garibaldi’s family to ‘The Happiest Place on Mars’ and I just could not stop being enchanted with the idea. 

 G’Kar is just largely delighted that it worked and steers Londo around while Londo himself is baffled and confused for most of it.  It’s not stated out right what the place is, because neither of these two would know, but there’s enough in the story to tell you.  The idea of using this theme park, but empty, as a place to escape from the horrible stuff going on for Londo post-canon really struck me, and the image of this fake castle going up into an orange sky. Plus G’Kar pouring some generic cola which I’ve made into a Coke bottle, because I just really love that he has no idea how commercial the things he’s picked are.   This is just before he pours into some cup that I’ve decided just magically appears, because dreaming.

I kept thinking even that it wouldn’t even be the ‘real’ park, but would be whatever G’Kar remembered of it.  Landmarks bigger or smaller than they were, layout not quite perfect, logos and signs indistinct.  

That this managed to be sort of wistfully sad but have this kind of surreal juxtaposition of images made me unable to stop thinking about it.  It should be a crack fic that basically says ‘and then Londo spends every night dreaming about going to Disney World’, but this just manages to hurt kind of softly.  After I revisited it a few times and doodled it in my sketchbook, I decided to paint it properly.


rainbow by ladyyatexel
A commission of Garak and Bashir from my Deep Dish Nine Everyone Is Human Pizza Shop AU from my friend tinsnip to our fellow tumblr-ite cosmictuesdays.   They had a conversation about DD9 Julian having some hideous pjs and Garak's reactions to them (largely wavering between extremely fond love and illness, from what I can tell).   

I don't usually post the Deep Dish Nine stuff to dA, but I thought since it was a commission, why not!

Bodyguard by ladyyatexel
The drawing from my second 'Crying Over Londo Mollari' Party on Livestream.   I - and the other people with me - are really enchanted with Bodyguard!G'Kar and we were talking about less devastating versions of events where he ends up with a really, really, really extended stay on Centauri Prime with Londo.   Stuff like fashion influences, people's biases, the two of them having fun unsettling members of the court while Londo does official stuff, how palace officials explain G'Kar to palace visitors, Londo forcing them to include G'Kar in official state portraits and images of him, etc etc.   It was a very rapid spiral.  Clearly, I was not the only one who needed to have these conversations, haha.  

This began as a doodled notion that I should draw these two in the style of Yoshitaka Amano, and while that's still sort of reflected in G'Kar's lip and Londo's eyes in particular (and I guess that they are covered in a lot of unidentifiable miscellaneous crap and beads), it didn't become an ultimate goal to mime the style with this image, though I REALLY want to do that in the near future.  

For me, anything that happened in the 90s I filter through two of the styles that affected me most during those years: Yoshitaka Amano and Lisa Frank.    Sooooo you'll be seeing these two in face-melting rainbow and wispy creepy watercolor soon.  

Here they are on Tumblr, which ate the accompanying paragraph about them for some reason.
I have my doubts about who even reads these things anymore, but I just wanted to give a heads about what I have going on.  As usual, I guess, the best place to actually see what is going on is my tumblr, but to break it down:

- I had to do a lot of shit for generic winter holidays, so it was hard to keep up on the reSWAN shenanigans, but will try to resume normal operations on that front soon.   I'd honestly like to finish it.  And not like, eight years later.  There's a lot of it written, I just have to fill in the holes.  So it'll be around soon! 

- Have a commission to do this month from a fandom AU thing I don't really post to this site, but you'll probably see because it's a commission.

- Sudden violent love for some shit in the series Babylon 5, so I apologize, but you'll be seeing some of that mixed into whatever else I do that you're here for, haha. 

-There was something else, but I've forgotten, hooray!
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Well, it's a little too close to what I'm currently working on for my own comfort, but I felt like it had been a long time, so here we go with reSWAN12!  

There's some good familiar feeling things despite literally all of it being something new.   Hope you enjoy it!  

I have a lot of doodles and drawings from around this point in the story, I should post more of them here!  They end up in clusters on LiveJournal of all places, mostly.  But soon scraps here will update too. 
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I was listening to this and I just couldn't help but think of a certain blue haired master of fright!…

Also, Sally!Edgar, oh man....... I'll never get the image out of my head, they both have the stitches and everything....
ladyyatexel Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014   General Artist
Hahaha, wow, Sally Edgar.   I think her song would be a little too mopey for him, haha, though he might have some similar sentiments eventually.  The stitches though!  I like that very much. 

and Johnny would look great dressed up like Jack.  Not that he wouldn't look great in pretty much anything - he's tiny and gives zero fucks, so everything looks fabulous on him - but I like the idea of a Jack outfit in particular.  Yay, tiny stripes.
INKquestionmark Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2014
Yeah, hahahhaaaa, oh, I kinda want to force a guy friend of mine to sing Sally's song for me, so I could pretend it's Edgar singing.... Nny would indeed be an awesome Jack... And Edgar in a dress.... : D

Devi, Jimmy and Tenna could be Lock, Shock and Barrel !

Maybe we will see Jack's Lament in SWAN now? Or maybe you'll write a short little Christmas special? That would be awesome ! I could draw something for you if you do it! I'LL DO ANYTHING PLEASE WRITE IT I NEED IT

This is a bit off topic, but... I got so excited, in fact, that I sung a karaoke verion of this !!!! I did all kinds of Johnny-ish dramatic hand gestures while singing and it was SUPER FUN!!!!!…
ladyyatexel Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014   General Artist
Edgar would be very unhappy in a dress. 

Haha, I don't think it will be making an appearance, no, at least not formally.  If it gets in, it'll be as one of Johnny's slips of lyrics into normal dialog, the way he got away with obscure Disney lyrics and other stuff.  I think Jack's Lament is a little too popular to be something I put in 'officially'. 

Awww, I don't know about a Christmas thing, we'll have to see.   In the stuff I'm writing now, they've bypassed Christmas already, so it's not something that'll be coming up in the story proper anytime soon!  I like the idea of doing a little side-story thing with it, but given how little time I have to write the story itself, I wouldn't get hopes up too much! Sorry!  

It SOUNDS like you had fun, haha!  I think Johnny would approve.  If you had fun and it was excessively dramatic, he would say you are doing it right, haha
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